October 15, 2021, 08:40 ET

Blackmarker announces integration with CaseMax

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA — Blackmarker, an AI-powered redaction solution that enables scalable, affordable, and efficient compliance with ever-expanding privacy regulations, has completed an integration with CaseMax, a case management tool for improving efficiencies in default loan management. In addition, CaseMax client, SouthLaw, P.C., has adopted the use of Blackmarker within their CaseMax workflow.

“CaseMax provides a powerful and intuitive solution to overcome default loan management complexities by allowing firms to leverage their resources for greater efficiency and productivity”, said Victor Diloreto, CEO of Blackmarker. “We really saw the integration with Blackmarker as a good fit for CaseMax, as we alleviate a majority of the physical redaction work since our system has been trained on a wide array of default loan document types. These document types are held to a high standard for accuracy, so we are confident that not only will CaseMax clients see decreased operational expenses but compliance improvements as well.”

“We’re excited to offer Blackmarker’s automated redaction integration with the newest release of CaseMax,” said Sarah Holland, Business Analyst, CaseMax. “We knew that coming out of the pandemic firms would need to implement new automations to better manage already strained internal resources, but we had to ensure that the automation saved time versus adding processing time. After seeing Blackmarker in action, we knew they could help firms rebound post-moratoria with greater efficiency and enhanced productivity.”

“CaseMax asked if we were interested in adopting a new redaction integration they were considering that touted a savings of 50-70% in labor,” said Mike Zevitz, Managing Attorney of SouthLaw, P.C. “We piloted Blackmarker to test the claim and were pleasantly surprised to find the performance and accuracy of the service translates to an 80-90% labor cost savings."
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